This year isn’t about a new year, a new me. This year is about continuing to be a better person, remaining positive, reaching goals, making new goals, and loving myself no matter what. The one thing that constantly keeps me focused and reminds me of these things is working out and being in the gym. It is such a great feeling to know that I’m going onto my 5th year of working out and continuing this life style that I chose for myself. I hope everyone can experience something like this and find their happiness, reach their goals, and find their consistency in the gym or eating healthier or what ever it may be. Keep doing you and focusing on a better you. 


The Wall

Every time I’m at City Centre, these words just speak to me. I get upside down and see the world in a different perspective. The wall says it all. 

Let go

Learning to love the outer image of yourself is the hardest-but once you get there, it’s the best feeling. Do everything with confidence because you’ve worked hard as hell to get this far.

Don’t let anyone get in your way. It’s crazy how we immediately think that we always have to worry about what others think and say about us. Let today be the day where you start to let your conscious get the best of you. Today is the day where you let go of all the negativity in your life and move ғᴏʀᴡᴀʀᴅ because ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀɴ →

Love Yourself

Today- I decided it’s time to build up the courage and confidence to do a little fitness shoot in my yard. I’ve been wanting to do a fitness shoot for so long, but I never felt like I was good enough. But today, I said screw it. Here are a few that I actually liked. Years later- I’ll look back at these photos and think to myself “wow, I can’t believe I did it”. This lifestyle has made a huge impact on me. I love myself regardless of that extra fluff here and there. I’ve learned to love myself regardless of what others see and think of me. My opinion matters the most. I’ve learned to love myself first. 


imageLeft photo was when I ate a bunch of junk food and didn’t workout at all weighing 83lbs 〰 fast forward 4 years later and I’ve start weight training, working out, and eating a whole lot better and weighing in at 98lbs. It’s taken me a long process, but looking back at these photos- it was so worth it.



I used to get picked on all the time in middle school and high school, but once my basically only friend moved to Hawaii, things changed drastically for me. I felt so lost and alone. I kept to myself until I graduated. I started some college on and off, confused as to what I wanted to be and where I wanted to go in life. I took a few breaks off, took a few steps back and reevaluated my life. I started taking better care of myself and my body. I took a few business courses and realized that the corporate world wasn’t for me. I wanted to make a difference and what better way than to start with elementary children and become a teacher.🍎 And no I’m not doing it for the apples, I really think we could change the world if we influence at a younger age.

I ran into this beautiful wall the other day while shopping a bit at an outdoor mall, well I didn’t run into the wall literally, but the words spoke to me, and I knew I had to do one of my infamous headstands. I love doing headstands anywhere and anytime because honestly, I’m not afraid anymore of what others say about me. They may think I’m crazy for just busting out in a headstand, but I’m strong inside and out. I always will be and you can be too. Don’t let anyone break you.

Green it up

imageFor tonight’s smoothie, I decided to exclude bananas & try something different. This was very refreshing and awakening. I think this would be a great way to start the morning because of the citrus flavours.

• lots of spinach 🍃
• red apple sliced up 🍎
• lots of cantaloupe (ripe) 🍈
• 6 green grapes, yes only 6 for this batch lol
• 1 small navel orange 🍊
• 4 ice cubes ❄️
• 1/4 cup of water 💧

Enjoy ❤️



Lately I’ve been craving a lot of fruits! So I’ve been making my own fresh smoothies 😊  I wanted to post this beautiful smoothie I made yesterday with bananas, pineapples, grapes, and cantaloupe! It was delicious and refreshing! Lately meats have been giving my tummy digestion issues, and honestly I’m getting a bit tired of meat anyway, so I’m definitely exploring new routes for myself and my health. Any suggestions for non meat protein would be great!